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Here are some energy reminders that will help ensure you are getting the greatest savings possible.  These principles apply regardless if you have solar energy or not.

Stagger the use of high-consumption devices (aka "energy hogs") when the sun is shining and not during utility peak times if possible. (i.e. Between 4pm - 7pm, M-F, with APS)

Did you know that doing laundry in the mornings or on weekends can save you about $50/mo versus doing laundry at utility peaks times?

Energy Hogs

1. Energy Hogs

Air Conditioner

2. Air Conditioning

While we all want to be comfortable, we also want to spend less money.  AC units are the #1 cause of high electricity bills, especially during summer months in states like Arizona.

Did you know that a two-degree difference in temperature could mean about a $50/mo difference on utility costs?

3. Pool & Spa

Heating your 10,000 gallon pool to 90 degrees with an electric heater can add $100 or more to your utility bill for a single weekend.  Maintaining this temperature for a month may add $400 to your bill.  Tip: Plan your pool parties wisely.

Pool pumps need to run about eight hours a day.  The most cost-effective time period is generally between 8:00am and 4:00pm when you have solar.  Also, if you have a variable speed pump, consider setting the speed to around 2000 RPMs.

Did you know that besides the AC, pool pumps and electric heaters are the largest drivers of energy consumption?


4. APS Rate Increase (2024)

APS rates have increased as of March 8th, 2024.  (See APS Press Release).  Even if you have solar, this will negatively impact the cost of electricity that you purchase from APS.  Therefore be extra mindful of the hours of the day that they charge the most for their power. 

Did you know that APS charges as much as 34.4¢ per kWh during peak times? This is roughly a 54% increase from 2014!

5. Referral Program

Take advantage of our solar referral program and put money directly in your pocket. 

You will earn $50.00 when your referral completes an appointment with us and $250.00 when they go solar and have their system installed.  In addition, the person you referred will receive $250.00 when their system is installed.

Multiply your rewards by referring more people!  You can earn a bonus of $1000.00 for every three referrals that get installed.

So what are you waiting for?  Refer-a-friend today!

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